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Why SERVPRO Testimonials

My toilet broke on my 3rd floor bathroom and leaked all the way to the basement. I had called another company to deal with the clean up and everything seemed to be ok. A few months later I started seeing black mold. I ended up getting SERVPRO to come out and clean up the mold that was most likely from the leak on my bathroom a few months back. Next time I call SERVPRO first. 

Being a local plumber people are always asking me who to call when they have either a broken pipe or a sewage backup, to clean up the mess. I always refer them to SERVPRO of South Springfield/Agawam. They are the most knowledgeable in their field. 

I had mold in my home and called a company that I thought knew what they were doing. A few months later I smelled a musty smell. I had my home tested and low and behold I had mold in my home in the same place where the previous company had cleaned the mold up. 

I called SERVPRO since I noticed on their website that they are certified. Glad I did, the mold is gone!


I have used other companies in the past for mold, and when I had yet another issue of mold in my home I decided to call SERVPRO of South Springfield/Agawam to deal with it this time. They were professional and knowledgeable in this field. 

The guys that came to my home to work on the issue knew exactly what they were doing and were very thorough. They even took out time to answer any and all questions I had on the subject. Keep up the good work guys. 

Our septic tank overflowed into our home. We looked for a company to take care of the cleanup not aware that the company we called did not know what they were doing. We ended up calling SERVPRO as was recommended to us by plumber. They really know their business. The mess was cleaned up quickly and the service was impressionable. They even took the time to explain to me why they needed to use certain cleaning materials. If you ever have a septic issue you should call them. 

When dealing with a recent flood in my basement I had called SERVPRO of South Springfield/Agawam for help. They went out of their way to explain the process and why it should be done in that way. They are very knowledgeable in their field and really do care about their customers.